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East Side is a district of Angra dos Reis - RJ and have access to the site, just follow the path of East Side that begins near the center of Angra dos Reis. Being district of Angra dos Reis, the climate of East Side has great similarity temperatures with the city having tropical climate and a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The average temperature in Eastern Point is 24 ° C to 30 ° C maximum and minimum of 21 ° C. To take advantage of the best seasons in East Point, visit the place in spring and fall, as they are less rainy season. Over the 10km-long tour of the East Side corridor are a wide variety of lodgings, beaches and a lot of attraction of natural beauty. Ponta Leste is where is located the ferry terminal of Ilha Grande Bay, Petrobras company. In the East End district are also Brazilian nuclear power plants! There are several B & Bs East Side and varieties of styles. As well as restaurants with praianas culinary-rich dishes with seafood options.

Angra dos Reis, RJ
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