Poços de Caldas

About Poços de Caldas

Poços de Caldas is a town in the South of Minas Gerais, which developed mainly in the early 20th century for being a luxury destination, offering many dances, and casinos.

In addition to this past of splendour, the city has always been a hydrothermal resort, which also contributed to the progress of Poços de Caldas.

Famous destination for people suffering from skin diseases, the thermal waters were rich in medicinal properties, and so the stream of people visiting the city was enormous, both to treat any illness, or to enjoy the warm waters of Poços de Caldas.

Until today the destination is well known for its thermal waters, but also offers other types of tourism. Adventure tourism is very developed in the region, since in the Serra de São Domingos, the conditions for the practice of hiking, climbing, and even flights are ideal!

But you can't talk about Minas Gerais, without talking about local food, isn't it? In Poços de Caldas and the local cuisine is fantastic, with cheeses and delicious candy! During the winter, when the temperature drops enough, good to eat in the city are the soups, and the beats!

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Poços de Caldas, MG
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