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Shell City has access by Highway or by the BR 101 to 90 km from the capital.

The high temperatures typical of tropical climate are mitigated by the wind that comes from the sea.

If the intention is to relax on the beach with the family, it is worth knowing the beach Acaiaca, rasa and few waves is ideal for the little ones and the elderly can enjoy the swim. Already the overnight Beach also has shallow waters and waves a bit stronger, provides boats and schooners for tours, so it is very frequented in summer. Boca da Barra is the closest to the Center. Maria Baby has largest area, with strong waves favours the practice of surfing.

Piúma is surrounded by four islands, the Skunk, which is actually a peninsula, has shallow waters and almost without waves, who have the inclination to go to the highest point you can enjoy the view of the ocean.

Middle Island is only 500 metres from the coast at low tide you can get there on foot, with water at his knees.

The schooners often take passengers to the island of the Goats that have small beach and vegetation rich in bromeliads and orchids.

The farthest island from the French, in addition to the lighthouse, a cave and diving are the attractions for the visitor.

Other points of interest are the holy stone located in Boca da Barra and the square of the Herons where you can see the evening beautiful swarms of birds.

The river Piúma is ideal for sport fishing. And to climbers the Mount Aghá of 300 meters of altitude provides great adventure and as a reward the view of nearby towns.

Meet the local cuisine cannot be left out, the moquecas, or fish sururu, capixaba pie, and peroá straws are just a few options.

The smallest municipality in the State, the country's largest producer of shells will certainly come to your list of favourite travel destinations with your beautiful and cozy inns.

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