R. José Gabriel 34, Jardim Taquaral, Pirenópolis GO 72980-000BR

Pousada Gold


About Pousada Gold

The Gold Inn is located 200 meters from Pirenópolis Airport and 3 km from the Church, close to everything Pirenópolis offers, with the advantage of having the peace and quiet. The hostel offers pool, outdoor spa, garden, parking and restaurant.

Feed Sport and Leisure Policies
Breakfast Academy Pets
Restaurant Pool Smoking Allowed
  Playground / Playground  
Treatment   Technology
24 Hour Reception Payment Wireless Internet (WiFi)
  American Express (Credit) Reception Cellular
Comfort and Convenience Cash (Claro)
Parking Mastercard (Credit) Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Parking Uncovered Visa (Credit) Reception Mobile (TIM)
Whirlpool / Jacuzzi   Cell Phone Reception
Garden   (Live)
Steam Sauna   Voltage 220V
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User of theFoursquare
February 3, 2018
Cozy, with gardens and communal areas beautiful, well-decorated. Spacious room and great cleaning. Well-trained employees, organized and corteis. Breakfast very varied and taste. All the satisfaction! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theKekanto
January 10, 2018
The hostel is well organized and well decorated. But it is too far away from the centre and it is located in a very dark place. Guests must have a car. The hostel has a good cost benefit and has 3 swimming pools. The room we stayed was very bad, although spacious. The breakfast was reasonable. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theFoursquare
January 7, 2018
Hostel excellent, but need to put limits to the noise in the place. Some guests abuse during the early morning. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
December 19, 2017
Good accommodation but poor service. Nor clutter the room, even asking. To make matters worse, plays the pagoda and the backcountry the whole day in the pool. Garbage. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
August 26, 2017
Good structure for those who goes with the child. No luxury, but very comfortable. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
October 10, 2016
Excellent cost benefit. Room with balcony, air conditioning, TV and bed comfortable. Clean pool, Nice staff, good price, parking, room very clean and super quiet. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
June 29, 2016
Great and nice environment, all new and tidy. The official Henry is very polite and attentive, count on it. [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
December 15, 2015