Piedade do Paraopeba

About Piedade do Paraopeba

Just south of Belo Horizonte at the foot of the Serra da Currency, is located Brumadinho the district of Piedade do Paraopeba name. Far only 35 km from the state capital, Piedade do Paraopeba is known to house the pre-baroque church Nossa Senhora da Piedade Paraopeba, built in the year 1713. A material fact is the image of Our Lady of Mercy carved in wood and who came from Portugal in 1731. The district also stands to incorporate part of the Scrolls Girl Sierra State Park which is considered one of the most important and prominent green areas throughout the state of Minas Gerais. The place is historic and has plenty of natural wealth that beautifies the views of residents and tourists, who find in the region a good structure to stroll and linger. The district is also known to be one of the oldest of Minas Gerais. Tourists can also find homemade food options that is the strong point of the place, besides the beautiful hotels to stay. Residents are typical miners, cozy and simple people, divided between workers that deal with the iron and ore extraction, fruit growers, food producers and drinks. In the district there is also a beautiful movement of artisans who make ceramics, carpets, embroidery and knitting. It is also a local tradition the stalls assembly in religious festivals that typically sell mining crafts and greengrocers.

Brumadinho, MG
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