About Petrópolis

Petrópolis is the favorite winter destination of cariocas. Situated in the Serra dos Órgãos, historical and tourist town was planned by Dom Pedro II and named in his honor.

The exuberant local nature attracts the most varied tourist groups, and programs in Petrópolis abound.

The most famous, is the Imperial Museum. Former Imperial Palace, the Museum today composes an enormous collection of works of art, furniture, clothing, objects and documents of the imperial family.

Other destinations of the city are the summer house of Santos Dumont, affectionately nicknamed "enchanted," the Crystal Palace, the Palace of the Quitandinha, d. Pedro and the theater.

Adventure tourism also has its space in Petrópolis. With numerous trails, waterfalls, waterfalls, and natural viewpoints, the city attracts practitioners of trekking, climbing, and other adventure sports.

The site has a close link with the German culture, on account of immigration. Bauernfest is a festival celebrated every year in the city, which aims to honor the German immigrants in the region and is the most influential party in the city. With plenty of food and drink, the celebration is always a hit, attracting native and foreign tourists.

In the city there is a wide variety of very good restaurants, and varied gastronomy. The infrastructure also impresses on the quality of hotels and hostels available, such as the varied trade.

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