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Penha, Santa Catarina, is home to Beto Carrero World and beautiful beaches. Also known as National Capital of seafood, Penha, in the coast of Santa Catarina, is the scene of a lot of fun.

Penha, Santa Catarina, 87 km from Florianopolis, is known to house the Beto Carrero World and for the title of National Capital of seafood, but its attractive does not stop there. For its beautiful beaches, which are also a source of pride, it is possible to access the city by BR-101.

By relying on the famous theme park, Penha receives tourists all year round, and the works every day in the months of November to February, July and also in national holidays. But if the idea is to get to know the beaches of Penha, the better are the summer months, more inviting and warm.

Who reaches the coast of the municipality is an extensive strip of sand, which makes the resort the perfect place to rest and hike for its 19 beaches, which stretch in a little more than 30 km of shoreline. In addition to the tranquillity of the joyful and Prainha beaches, where it is possible to practice sports and fishing, there are options more hectic, even where surfers congregate, like on red Beach and the praia Grande.

On red beach you can still do paragliding flights and, if the idea is to get away from everything and everyone, the ride must be made in paradise and deserted beach of Lucas. Ecological trails enthusiasts can go to the waterfall of Red Beach, for cooling off in crystal clear waters. Another tip from tour is in Grandma's Basin, a natural pool amid the rocks, forming a lush composition.

The nature trails can be made between a beach and another, since the coastline indented of Penha allows paths among the cliffs and Atlantic forest. Who likes to get the points that offer beautiful views must know the Pier, the beach of Armação de Itapocoroi, the photographs taken there can be the most beautiful of the trip.

In 1958, Penha became municipality, and was previously district of Itajaí. However, only in the 70 won ares of interest and started to attract the attention of travelers in search of quiet and natural beauty. In the summer months, its population nearly quadruples, the definitive boost to tourism has been in the mid-' 90, when the theme park was opened.

To House so many tourists in search of fun and natural routes, there is a strong hotel chain to meet the need of the most varied profiles of tourists, from those seeking a comfortable Inn to travelers who want luxury. Finally, the trick is not to let to try the local cuisine, and the clams, squid and starfish.

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