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Penedo is a district of Itatiaia is located in the southern region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Coming out of the capital are 176 km by the BR-116 and the RJ-163.

The climate is mild, with temperatures on average are between 15° C and 27°C. During the winter the temperatures can reach up to 5°C, which makes it the ideal period to travel the two programs and romantic.

Penedo is the main Finnish colony in the country out of the southern region. And be considered the birthplace of the Finnish colonization was created in the Small Park in Finland, which reproduces faithfully the buildings and paintings in accordance with the tradition of the country.

The highlight is the account of the Home of Santa Claus, surrounded by toy factory and by the post office receiving the cards to the good old man.

The Club of Finland was created to preserve the culture; and on the first Saturday of each month is held the prom Finnish, sprinkled with the music and typical dances.

And to get to know better the story of these immigrants, can not miss a visit to the Finnish Museum that displays exhibits of crafts, dolls, and photographs, among other materials.

The region is home to waterfalls formed by the waters of the River of the Stones, which rises in the Peak of the Needles, and descended to the valley, forming small lakes and waterfalls of small and medium-sized, excellent for swimming.

In the region of High Rock, is the most well-known as the Three Waterfalls and a Potion of the River of Stones, suitable for children. The Waterfall of God has fifteen metres in height and is one of the most beautiful in the region. There are several scripts made for horseback riding and atv that lead to the waterfalls.

In the restaurants the trout, typical fish, is combined with dishes germans, swedes, and scandinavians. The desserts are for the account of ice cream and handmade chocolates.

In the 20's came the first Finnish Rock, their customs were maintained and can be enjoyed by the tourists through various means. Nature also keeps preserved with waterfalls clean and native forest.

Who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of the large cities and seek a haven of peace comes the Rock, which combines natural beauty and quality infrastructure, to receive throughout the year, visitors from various locations around the country in his charming inns.

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