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Only 58 km south of Florianopolis and the margins of the BR-101, is a quiet town of Paulo Lopes.

The climate is humid, has an average temperature of 19.7° C and very hot summers.

Known for natural beauty, the city of little more than six thousand inhabitants is surrounded by farms and plantations. Nearly half of the city is located in the Parque Estadual da Serra from the Board, which also houses some of the attractions of the city.

Canoeing and trekking activities are practiced at the mouth of the Rio das Madres or the River Falls, as it is called.

Access to preserved Praia da Guarda do Embaú is made by trail or by the crossing of a river, on foot or by boat. The nearby beach of Gamboa also offers natural beauty and attracts surfers from several parts of Brazil.

The waterfall of Delfo is also frequented by the local community. Other points of interest are the Lagoa do Ribeirão Paulo Lopes, the stone on the border with spark Garopaba, and the Church of St. Peter which has recorded external walls the names of the first Italian immigrants who arrived to the municipality.

The name, Paulo Lopes, is a tribute to the Portuguese military force Colonel; Paul Lee Hawk.

In addition to your entertainment options and cozy inns, the proximity to Garopaba aggregates more leisure opportunities and activities to visitors.

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