About Paranaguá

The main coastal city in the state of Paraná is Paranaguá and is also the oldest city in the state. Paranaguá is a historical and tourist town with many points of tourist, where 26 of these can be done through a special line tour, which is a bus characterized and unique to do sightseeing in the city. Some of the main attractions in Paranagua are the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Paranaguá, the Museum of History and Geography Institute of Paranaguá, the Diocesan Cathedral, the Order's Theatre, the Old Fort, Customs, the Beach Street, the Honey Island and the island of Cotinga. Also the Aquarium of Paranaguá and the Municipal Market. Paranaguá is a well-structured city with hospitals, pharmacies, shopping, many restaurants, banks and more. The city also has a typical local dance called "Fandango" consisting of tap their feet according to the rhythm of music and always in harmony. Today the dance is displayed in the squares of Paranaguá and Municipal Market monthly. Local typical food called "barreado" basically prepared with pork and flour, and made in a clay pot with 13 hours of cooking. The dish is accompanied by banana and rice. The nightlife in Paranaguá is stirred well and have several options of bars and pubs in the city, offering delicious snacks and various drinks. The restaurants offer from the typical food and seafood, to pizzas, barbecue, pasta, homemade foods and more. To stay in Paranaguá there are many options among the hotels, inns and hostels.

Paranaguá, PR
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