About Paraíba

The State of Paraiba is situated on the coast of Northeast Brazil, and its seat is located in João Pessoa.

A State known for its natural beauties, Paraiba also enchants for its cultural and historical richness.

The Museum of Art Assis Chateaubriand is the most famous of the State, and dates back to history of illustrious entrepreneur Brazil.

In the center of João Pessoa is possible to observe the old mansions built in the colonial era by the Portuguese.

The local handicraft is a form of cultural expression very present in the culture of Paraiba. Craft fairs are very common, and the main raw materials are from the region itself, embroidery, ceramics, crocheting and wood are used.

Something different in Paraiba are the typical foods! Buchada de bode, carne-de-sol, macaxeira, moquecas, lobster oil are just a few examples of mouthwatering local cuisine!

In Campina Grande happens one of the biggest party of São João do Brazil. The small town receives numerous tourists that can assist up to 300 presentations from gang! The music of Paraiba has many sounds and rhythms, the best known are the xote, baião and forró.

With a length of 37 km away from the beach in João Pessoa, the State is known for its warm sea, fine sands and blue waters surrounded by coconut groves.

Take the opportunity to meet the Paraiba if hosting on your beautiful guesthouses and fall in love with this charming State.