About Pará

In northern Brazil's para State and its capital is Belém. The para relief is low, and its equatorial climate and tropical, has an average temperature of 26 degrees, with constant rainfall throughout the year.

Ecotourism in Pará is quite diverse, only in the capital there are over 6 ecological parks. Adventure tourism in the State, offering something really offers places to practice trekking, diving, surfing, canoeing, and hiking on trails.

For those who enjoy the exploration of caves-cavernismo-there are also several scattered around the State.

The cuisine is predominantly indigenous roots paraense, the tacacá, the acai berry, the tucupi, and other ingredients of exotic names are very common in cooking of Pará.

The capital is known for being the largest Arts Centre in the northern region of Brazil. In June folk festivities commence, with native celebrations, and European contests of bois-bumbás.

The State has a single color, mixed with flavors, cultures, smells, and dances! Also offers several leisure options, entertainment and lodging in hotels and inns for your visitors.