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Located in the heart of Brazil, is the capital and largest city in the State of Tocantins.

The dry tropical climate makes Palms more hot Brazil's capital. The maximum temperatures range from 33° C to 36° C, during the months of October to April it rains a lot.

Much of the tourism of the town is related to the Lake of Palms, which was built by Eduardo Magallanes plant. For the entire length it is possible to practice water sports and fishing.

The Lake has beaches, which help relieve the intense heat. The Graceful Beach have modern infrastructure and is the stage for cultural events, the silver is the most frequented in the summer, the cashew already and are calmer Buritis.

By boat to get to the island of Cinnamon, which has shower area ideal for children.

The District of Taquarussu is 30 km from the city centre amid heartsink and home to beautiful waterfalls, are more than 80 in all. Highlighting the cachoeira do Roncador with 70 meters high and 4 meters deep lake, ideal for extreme sports like rappelling.

Despite being the "youngest of the capitals", palms has toppled buildings, like the Palacinho, built in 1989 in Jatoba wood, where it houses the City Museum. Praça dos Girassóis is one of the largest in the world, has modern structure and a light source with water jets that reach 15 meters high.

The Araguaia Palace is the postcard of the city.

The Peacock bass is one of the most traditional local cuisine, fish, but the snapper has conquered. Typically it is served on a stick together with farofa carrots.

The "little Princess of Brazil" has the largest São João in the North of the country, and is known as the capital of opportunities. The regional beauties fill the eyes of everyone that way.

Palms offers an excellent network of hostels to receive its visitors.

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