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Olinda is only 7 km from the capital Recife, where the nearest airport. It is hot almost all year, the average annual temperature is 26 ° C, but can reach 30 ° C in the summer period. The rainy season occurs between April and July. Famous for housing the largest carnival in the world the city has frevo clubs, groups, blocks, and maracatus afoxés that together reflect the cultures that formed the Brazilian people. The big difference are the giant puppets, there are more than a hundred parading through the streets and hills of the city. The personalities inspired in the news everyday are also other usual. The most popular party in the world has more than two million people in the days of revelry. The charms of Olinda remain throughout the year. The set of baroque churches and colonial houses are must-sees. At the top of the Cathedral can appreciate the church of the same name and take a panoramic photo with Recife and the sea as background. The Catholic churches are richly decorated Basilica of St. Benedict and its four chapels are decorated with Portuguese tiles. The best way to visit the buildings, museums, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the city's air is walking the streets and slopes. On Sundays in Varadouro Largo's crafts fair and maracatu show the evening. Much of the food served is seafood, but the typical food with the northeastern backlands of flavors are also present on the menus of restaurants. It is worth mentioning hat and cake roll as typical desserts. Tents at Alto da Sé serve the best tapiocas the region. Olinda is of great historical and cultural importance, is the oldest among Brazilian cities, is Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is considered one of the best preserved colonial towns of the country and was elected the first Brazilian capital of culture. The historical and cultural preservation enriches the passage of tourists is with knowledge or with carnival joy. Olina offer several inns that are treated very well all its visitors.

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