About Natal

Christmas is a Brazilian city located in the State of Rio Grande do Norte and is the sixth largest capital of Brazil.

The climate in Natal is tropical wet and dry summer, and annual temperature is 26° c. The city is a tourist attraction throughout the year, for a few seasons of rain and its high season begins in December and runs until Mardi Gras.

Christmas is a city full of beautiful landscapes and many points of interest like the Forte dos Reis Magos, the lagoon of Pitangui, Morro do Careca, South Pirangui, the Mother Luiza, the Parque das Dunas, the Ponta Negra Beach, the Midway Shopping Mall that is one of the largest in the Northeast, and more.

On Christmas you can practice various sports in its beaches such as diving, wind and kite surfing, trekking, ultralight and surf.

The city was founded in the year 1599 on the banks of the river Potenji and is internationally known for its monuments, museums and parks, where the column Capitolina Del Pretti which lies in the historic centre, the Newton Navarro bridge, the Parque das Dunas, the Museum of Popular culture and others.

Cream there are many dining options that offer pasta, meats and typical food of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, with many fish options.

To stay in Christmas visitors will find many choices of hotels and lodges with comfort and beautiful views of the city.

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