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About Morretes

Morretes is a city of the Paraná state sea saw. Leaving the capital Curitiba is 72 km by one of the most beautiful roads in the country, the highway Graciosa. In the summer months the temperatures reach 37 ° C, but in winter the minimum is 13 ° C. Famous for its typical dish, barreado, and its historical buildings the city is full of attractions and beauty. The tours begin already on the path to reach the city. Drive down the highway Graciosa can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and stop at one of the many viewpoints to take pictures and admire the view. If the option is to go by train, available only on weekends, traveling by railway lasts three hours in the middle of the sea saw. It is worth visiting the historical buildings in the center are well preserved and house museums and cultural venues. Activities in the nature attract lovers of extreme sports. Hiking through the mountain of the sea lead to the waterfalls of the Apes and Fortuna. In the state of Marumbi park it is possible the practice of trekking and the river Nhundiaquara the adventure is up to the buoy cross, canoeing and fishing. The typical regional dish, barreado, leads many tourists to visit the city. The delicacy is prepared in a clay pot with meat and manioc flour, is served in restaurants accompanied by plantain and orange. Initially the territory encompassing the city was occupied by carijós Indians but with the discovery of gold deposits in 1646 was occupied by miners and adventurers coming from São Paulo, until in 1721 was founded the town of Morretes. The diversity in choices of activities, beautiful lodges and tours Morretes makes a pleasant destination for all kinds of tourists.

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