Estr. da Anhaia S/N Km 2,4, Vila dos Ferroviários, Morretes PR 83350-000BR

Pousada Casa Poletto


About Pousada Casa Poletto

Pousada Casa Poletto lies in Morretes-Paraná-2 Km from the city centre. The hotel offers outdoor swimming pool, terrace, Garden, parking, WiFi, playground and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Sport and Leisure Technology
Breakfast Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
  Playground / Playground Reception Cellular
Treatment Solarium / Terrace (Claro)
24 Hour Reception   Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
  Payment Reception Mobile (TIM)
Comfort and Convenience Cash Cell Phone Reception
Parking   (Live)
Parking Uncovered Policies Voltage 110V
Garden Pets  
  Smoking Allowed  
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User of theKekanto
March 24, 2016
Simple. A simple hotel with attentive staff. There is no reception in the evening. Access is by dirt road. The rooms in TV and mini bar. In the fit 4 there is air conditioning. Very nice is the space of the producer, where it is possible to buy local products and cachada made there. The breakfast is simple and fresh. Drive is near the Centre of Morretes. Good and cheap option, so worth the cost benefit [Courtesy ofKekanto]