Estr. do Anhaia S/N, Fortaleza, Morretes PR 83350-000BR

Casas Di Monte Ecopousada

About Casas Di Monte Ecopousada

The Houses Di Monte is situated in Morretes Ecopousada-Paraná-3 Km from the Waterfall Jump of fortune and 1.5 Km from the Centre. The Inn offers beautiful panoramic views, open-air swimming pool, WiFi, Garden, bar, restaurant, parking, laundry room and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Entertainment Services
Bar TV Room Laundry
Restaurant Sport and Leisure Technology
  Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Treatment   Reception Cellular
24 Hour Reception Payment (Claro)
  Cash Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Comfort and Convenience   Reception Mobile (TIM)
Parking Policies Cell Phone Reception
Parking Uncovered Pets (Live)
Garden Smoking Allowed Voltage 110V
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July 4, 2014