Monte Verde

About Monte Verde

The lovely Monte Verde is a city district of Camanducaia, in the State of Minas Gerais. The hostels in Monte Verde are highly sought after by couples seeking romance, families seeking tranquillity and classes in search of extreme tourism.

The city that focus on tourism, receives numerous visitors in the winter months that come out to feast with fondues, wines, craft beers and chocolates in the mild climate of the place. The European-style buildings and Alpine are also attractive!

The city has more than 200 Inns and its high season occurs in the months of cold. Soon the winter look always reserve in advance.

The butterflies can let Monte Verde very romantic, but the city also offers tours to the family like rafting, trekking and horse riding.

The tallest stones surrounding the trail to the round stone is the most famous and sought after by having easier access and be well flagged.

Monte Verde was founded by Europeans and their descendants, who felt comfortable with the height and the cold climate of the region. Have your name as a tribute to family who founded it, "Grinberg" or, Green Mountain in Latvian.

Come warm up in front of the fire, and be enchanted by ipês, hostels, weather, and gastronomy of this destination so cozy and charming.

Monte Verde, MG
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May 23, 2019