R. Canela 21, Monte Verde, Camanducaia MG 37653-000BR

Pousada Morada das Nuvens


About Pousada Morada das Nuvens

The Pousada Morada of the clouds is located in Monte Verde-Minas Gerais-1700 meters of altitude and only 1600 metres from Avenida Monte Verde. The hotel offers indoor swimming pool, fireplace, spa wellness, sauna, lounge, garden and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Steam Sauna Smoking Allowed
  Sport and Leisure Technology
Treatment Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
24 Hour Reception Indoor Pool Reception Cellular
Comfort and Convenience Payment Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Parking Cash Reception Mobile (TIM)
Garden   Cell Phone Reception
Fireplace Policies (Live)
Massage Room Pets Voltage 110V
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User of theKekanto
November 21, 2012
The Inn is great!

The room is super cozy, well decorated, very clean and tidy. Linen impeccable.
The view from the room was beautiful too! Very quiet and silence.

Sensational service, all staff are helpful and polite and the owner was super nice to everyone.
The breakfast is sick and almost everything ready on time. A delight! That makes all the difference.

My only complaint is that the pool does not work as it should.
We were in a class of 08 people and when we arrived at the Inn, we ask that you call the pool heater so we could use the night, since it was heated and covered. It was 23 degrees on the machine and it was clear that the water was about 16/17 degrees, not warmed at all, abstract, nobody could enter. The next day until we can warm up a little more, but only one of the machines worked and wouldn't let the Nice water for bathing.

A note about address. We gave many laps following the GPS and the quickest and easiest way is to enter the street from banco Bradesco and move on, because the correct address is cinnamon and Yes Av: Mantiqueira, 1700-Monte Verde-MG, 37653-000.

Otherwise, it's just compliments!
Recommend! [Courtesy ofKekanto]