R. do Moinho 70, Monte Verde, Camanducaia MG 37653-000BR

Pousada Locanda Belvedere


About Pousada Locanda Belvedere

The Inn Locanda Belvedere is located in Monte Verde-Minas Gerais-1560 m altitude. The pousada offers barbecue, Garden, games room, restaurant, parking, swimming pool, playground and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Sport and Leisure Smoking Allowed
Breakfast Space / Game Room  
  Pool Technology
Treatment Playground / Playground Wireless Internet (WiFi)
24 Hour Reception Basketball court Reception Cellular
Comfort and Convenience Payment Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
BBQ Cash Reception Mobile (TIM)
Parking   Cell Phone Reception
  Policies (Live)
  Pets Voltage 110V
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User of theKekanto
August 24, 2013
A simple and cozy.

The lodge has cabins of different categories and price is very attractive, the breakfast is compliments of the Inn, and always very fresh and of great quality, the cottages have a fireplace for the colder days and the hostel has the rental service of DVD and Cd's of DVD if the rain is too strong Another differential is the various games like monopoly, war among others.

Very interesting is also the Museum of BPM which is at the Inn, an interesting site to visit.

The hostel is easy to place and well marked, with parking account. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
August 6, 2012
Me and my boyfriend spent a romantic weekend in Monte Verde. We stayed at Locanda, as the hike was decided by economic cheapest room, but it was still super comfortable and supplied with our expectations. [Courtesy ofKekanto]