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The small district of Corn is between the cities of Diamantina and Serro. With a distance of 26 km from your city, tourists seek it for its quiet, its various waterfalls, beautiful guesthouses and beautiful scenery.

With mild temperatures throughout the year, it's always a good time to enjoy the fresh mountain air, the simplicity and the local delicacies prepared on a wood stove.

As the city's main attractions, waterfalls enchant all kinds of tourists.

The Roadside waterfall has 8 meters drop and great pit to bath. Like nature, the mill Falls, has two crashes that the front form the Jequitinhonha River.

If the demand is for natural pools, so the option is the waterfall of the absent.

So that children can enjoy, the Cachoeira do Lajeado has shallow wells that are ideal for the amusement of small.

The adventurers have also guaranteed leisure in Louse falls, which is used for rappelling. In addition to these, the Waterfalls of the trunk, Rainbow, Campo Alegre, the cinnamon and the monkeys are places of visitation greatly appreciated.

Corn also has its historical and cultural tourism, starting with one of its main postcards; the church Our Lady of the Rosary, which was built on a hill, highest point in the city.

Already the Church of nossa Senhora dos Prazeres have their building in the Baroque style. It is worth visiting also the fountain of Guava, which got its name by the beautiful tree that grew beside the monument.

To enjoy a breathtaking view the tip is the peak of the New Cruise from there can see the cities of Diamantina, São Gonçalo and other corn. The rock formation of Serra dos Santos and the cave of the Lajeado complete the script.

Corn that was already occupied by prospectors seeking gold and diamonds, is the birthplace of the famous character Chica da Silva.

The hostels in the region offer the tranquility of location so that your guests can take full advantage of your stay.

Milho Verde, MG
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