About Meaípe

The beach Meaípe is just over 8 km from the city of Guarapari, in the state of Espírito Santo. Meaípe was once considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil and is owned by a fishing village. The beach is the busiest of the Holy Spirit, with more calm surf and sand, Meaípe is rich in chestnut trees that provide natural shade around. The location is great for families and children seeking more peace and tranquility in the sun and is also an ideal place for the young and for those seeking a little more hectic. In high season the nightlife is quite trendy and the Multiplace More, one of the nightclubs Popular in the state, is in Meaípe. On the beach there are many bars and restaurants serving various culinary specialties, and especially the moqueca which is a very traditional dish and also the cookie cassava Meaípe. For those who want to know the cultural point of the beach, you should seek the bobbin lace that is a craft cloths, table runners, metro beak and many others that are characteristic of the city. Meaípe is also very structured with hotels that offer comfort and hospitality for those visiting the city.

Guarapari, ES
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Dec 15, 2018