Mato Grosso

About Mato Grosso

The Mato Grosso is a State located in the Central-West Brazil, its capital Cuiabá. The area of the State is occupied mostly by Plains and plateaus.

The National Park of Chapada dos Guimarães is located right in the center of South America, showing a cerrado vegetation, the Park have immense rock formations, canyons, caves with crystal waters, stunning waterfalls as the bride's Veil, considered the highest of Brazil.

Adventure tourism and ecotourism are very well explored in Alagoas. There is no shortage of options with various practical points of rappelling, rafting, climbing, tree climbing, and zip line.

Mato Grosso is also globally known for harboring the Pantanal National Park which is considered UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

Its climate is considered tropical, presenting a high temperature for most of the year and also a high rate of rainfall.

In places of high altitude, the climate however can be lower, ranging from 17 to 0 degrees in Chapada dos Guimarães and in the hills of Monte Cristo.

The State has many attractions in its many tourist towns with great choices of entertainment and lodging in beautiful hotels and guesthouses.