About Matinhos

The town of Matinhos is on the coast of Paraná, and is known as "the girlfriend of Paraná". The hostels in Matinhos are quite sought after by those looking for rest, recreation and adventure.

During the high season in January, thousands of people travel to Matinhos, most settling in their locker room, the largest of Caiobá. Those looking for fun and certainly tourism can find both in the city, ecological trails, beaches suitable for the practice of surfing, several options from guesthouses and the clear water Park water park are just some of the most sought-after attractions in Matinhos.

The city has mild temperatures (around 19.5° C) throughout the year, with regular rainfall. The terrain is flat, characteristic of the coast of Paraná. The vegetation of the Atlantic forest frames the city with their ipês and jacaranda trees!

The city also offers annually a large number of festive events, such as new year, Carnival, crafts fairs, fishing tournaments, feast of Saint John, among several others.

The craft stands out for having raw materials used by the ancient fishermen, when made their tools: banana and coconut fibers, shells, fish scales and others.

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