Mateus Leme

About Mateus Leme

Mateus Leme is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais. Belongs to the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte. It is located 61 km from Belo Horizonte and 21 km Itauna. The early name of the place was Arraial do Morro do Leme Matthew, in honor of Mateus Leme, São Paulo pioneer who started the settlement site at the beginning of the century. XVIII, to be located near a mountain named after him. It is the site of the 1st Weather Radar Minas Gerais installation. Its territory comprises the district of Serra Azul and azurite, and the town of New Site. Calm and quiet town, typical of interior. With a landscape formed by mountains, Mateus Leme hides conducive to the development of sports related to nature and rural tourism in addition to natural places lodges to receive its tourists.

Mateus Leme, MG
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Feb 21, 2019