About Mateiros

Bushmen is a municipality in the state of Tocantins. Was founded in 1992 by José de Costa Ribamar Son. It is located in Mateiros that most of the ecotourism region Jalapão, and the Jalapão State Park is located entirely within the municipality. Bushmen is also located in the Village Mumbuca, which produces crafts made with golden grass. Mateiros Tocantins is the only municipality that borders the state of Piauí, one of only 10 counties that border of Brazil with more than three states and / or different countries. Bushmen is a junction giving access to the cities of High Bridge Tocantins, São Felix do Tocantins, Dianópolis and Formoso, Bahia. In the region are located in major natural attractions such as the Ant waterfall, waterfall of Old, the Fervedouro, dunes Jalapão beyond the Serra da Pedra Muriçoca and Goal on the border between the states of Tocantins, Bahia, Piauí and Maranhão . Mateiros focuses most attractive consecrated Jalapão. The numerous natural attractions and the unique beauty of the landscape, seem tailor-made!

Mateiros, TO
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Jan 20, 2019