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Marechal Deodoro is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Maceió. The capital is 32 km by highway AL-101 and AL-220 The tropical climate is predominant, which causes the temperature of the sea water reaches the 28 ° C. The months with higher volumes of rainfall will from April to July. The municipality includes the village of Praia do Frances, one of Alagoas postcards. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil, always have warm waters with shades ranging from green and the intense blue. The part of the sea protected by reefs is frequented by families, the absence of waves makes it ideal for swimming, and the tents ensure the flow of tourists. But the right corner is rustic and rough waves, concentrating many surfers, while maintaining the tranquility away from the big move. Optionally in beaches, Stone bag is ideal for those seeking relaxation, natural pools added to the shadows of coconut trees result in an environment of great peace. The historic center is also great attraction. The set of churches, mansions and colonial houses of the eighteenth century added to the museums make up the cultural historical script. It's worth checking the complex formed by the Museum of Sacred Art, the Convent of St. Francis and the Church of Santa Maria. You can not miss a visit to the birthplace of the first president of the country, which names the city. As well known as many other sights, the Marechal Deodoro lace makers produce delicate pieces that are found in the cultural space Santa Maria. The Massagueira of town is considered gastronomic center. Most local restaurants is located on the banks of Manguaba Lagoon, where you can make good meals. One of the more snacks orders the lobster skewer, and the most traditional dessert is coconut candy prepared in various flavors. Founded in 1611 as Vila Madalena, only in 1939 he came to honor Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca adopting its name. A sense of serenity ranges from the cobbled streets afforestation of the city that has no buildings. The bucolic air combined with the natural beauty and beautiful inns are the perfect formula for recharge.

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Aug 19, 2019