About Maranhão

Maranhão is a Brazilian State which lies on the Northeast, and has a huge variety of ecosystems such as beaches, rainforests, mangroves, and scrublands.

For the adventurous and fans of ecotourism, an excellent destination maranhense is the Chapada das Mesas. With a visual sculpted by rain and winds Rocky, its waterfalls and canyons are famous for the stunning beauty of the color of the stone walls, and its crystal clear blue waters. Rafting, abseiling, trekking, and 4 x 4 trails are options for tourists to enjoy even more your stay.

Due to the natural diversity of the State, sights abound, like the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, which thanks to rains, amid the dunes form lagoons of crystal clear waters all year round.

Maranhenses cuisine is also featured with tourists and known for its diversity of flavours, being a mixture of African, French and of course influences, Portugal. A variety of seafood and freshwater fish and saltwater composes the most typical dishes of Maranhão. However the more symbolic State ingredient would be the rice with cuxá, flour mix made with sesame seeds, dried shrimp, pepper and vinegar.

The geography of the State is flat with coastal lowlands. The temperature in the State has averaged 26 degrees, which may vary according to the rains that fall normally in summer.

The capital, São Luís is known for various architectural and cultural attractions, its historical centre boasts numerous Unesco-listed old mansions dating from the colonial era.

The State has many options in tourism offering various types of programs and tours and great options to stay in their hotels and guesthouses.