About Maragogi

Located in the state of Alagoas is Maragogi, just over 100km away from Maceió. The city is a major regional attractions, as it has many natural beauty, with its beautiful beaches. Maragogi waters are typically calm, white sand and extensive cluster of coconut trees. Stroll the pools is amazing and 6 km from the coast you can see the Environmental Protection Area with coral reefs. The place is suitable for diving. You also have the option of rural tourism on site at Marrecas São Gonçalo ingenuity, to taste the cuisine with seafood and the famous gum cookie. The main Maragogi beaches are the beach of St. Benedict, beach Peroba, beach Camacho, Maragogi beach where in its waterfront are several options of bars, restaurants and craft shops, is also the main meeting point in the evenings . Other beautiful beaches are the beach Barra Grande beach Burgalhau, beach Antunes, the Golden beach and beach Ponta Mangue. In New York City can practice ecotourism, the Atlantic Forest hiking trail in Mill Genipapo and track Visgueiro that the nearby town of Porto de Pedras you can see the fish Boi staying in Rio Tatuamunha. Certainly a must ride in New York City. In addition, sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing because Maragogi has good winds and calm waters, which is ideal for the practice of these activities. With so many options no shortage of things to do in New York City. Maragogi offers a lot of variety of restaurants with typical local foods that offer the seafood, the gum cake is traditional and prepared by the residents of St. Benedict, the Maragogi wafers that are both sweet as salted, and other specialties throughout Maragogi . The night can be utilized with either a quiet walk along the beaches, and with a little more hectic in the waterfront bars, enjoying delicious snacks and drinks. Those who like to venture a little further, you can combine with fishermen who take tourists to fish at night. To stay, tourists find hotels, inns and cottages. There are many options and for all styles and tastes. Well structured places, comfortable and quiet.

Maragogi, AL
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Jan 18, 2019