Av. Sen. Rui Palmeira 359, Centro, Maragogi AL 57955-000BR

Pousada Ecohar Yoga Ashram


About Pousada Ecohar Yoga Ashram

Pousada Ecohar Yoga Ashram in New Delhi - Alagoas, is situated 600 meters from the city center and offers yoga classes, meditation and vegetarian cooking. The inn has WiFi, TV room, massage service, restaurant, garden, terrace and a delicious breakfast with seasonal fruits, breads and cakes.

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Breakfast   Cash
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24 Hour Reception Sport and Leisure Smoking Allowed
Comfort and Convenience Solarium / Terrace Technology
Parking   Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Garden   Voltage 220V
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User of theKekanto
September 15, 2016
Very good I was with my wife and my 4 year old son. Staff excellent, breakfast, all very well done and delicious with fruit fridge. Very differentiated. We need a nebulizer and the hotel didn't have to borrow and they felt compelled to buy and within 30 minutes my son was using a nebulizer. Very difficult that happen in any hotel, since no nebulizer is obligated to first aid. Want to pay by nebulizer, but they said they would leave for the Web hosts you need. All in all wonderful. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
August 1, 2015
User of theKekanto
April 25, 2015
High rank, on a whim! Excellent hospitality and prime location. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
User of theKekanto
November 4, 2014
I had never been in an ashram, but I decided to try it. The first thing that attracted me was that meals are included in the daily value, and all vegetarian. Vegetarian suffers on the beach, and that made my life.

Also loved discovering the ashram offered meditation and yoga classes twice a day, you don't have to have experience in any of the two things to attend (my case). My advice is: If you've never done yoga, choose the time of the afternoon, morning class is much heavier.

At mealtime, the "guests" all come together. Whenever someone new comes happen presentations. We end up approaching everybody. While I was there, it was organized a tour in which we join in the cars available and we all go out together. Very cool.

The food is great, and the people rest enough. If you die if you don't have a TV around, rethink your stay, because there's no TVs available out there! On the other hand, there's even a small library. I participated to a cooking workshop where we made a delicious bread. The service is spectacular, and the ashram is in front of the sea, and has even networks in the balcony. I highly recommend! [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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