About Maracaípe

The 75 km away from the capital of Pernambuco, Maracaípe Ipojuca Beach and is close to Porto de Galinhas.

Their temperatures are those which characterize the tropical climate; maximum 35° C in summer and moderates 16° minimum in winter.

Maracaípe is considered the paradise of the surfers for having strong waters and waves guaranteed. In addition to the athletes, the beach receives Championships and surfing competitions.

Practitioners of kiteboarding also brand presence over there. How to support the regulars there are places of sale and repair of boards.

Not only surfers can enjoy the local beauties, tourists can enjoy contemplating the sea horses that live in the mangrove swamp, as well as the crabs who walk by the white sands.

Who has the mood can go to the Church of Nossa Senhora do Oitero walk through the mangroves, there you can see the beach from the top and in the evening a spectacular sunset.

The local delicacies offered by kiosks are the crab cakes, soups, fish and Acai. In pontal da praia, all Saints village is hub of restaurants and music.

Rich in environmental reserves, Maracaípe has as the preservation of mangrove, which superimposes his story known by the slave trade.

The young and relaxed atmosphere added tranquility makes one of the favorite beaches Maracaípe of travelers.

Maracaípe offers several options for accommodation in hostels for your visitors.

Ipojuca, PE
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Jan 16, 2019