About Manaus

Manaus is located in northern Brazil, and the Amazonas state capital. Manaus in addition to being in the center of the largest tropical forest in the world, is also a historical place and port city. In Manaus are many tourist and cultural sites to visit such as the Indian Museum, North Man Museum, Amazon, Federal University of Amazonas Museum, the Amazon Natural Science Museum, Museum of Porto and many others, that make the city is well known for the large number and diversity. Also other attractions that stand out are the Teatro Amazonas and the beautiful Municipal Market Adolpho Lisboa. One of the major events held in the state is the Amazonas Film Festival which brings together actors of national networks as Globo and Record, and international actors in Hollywood. Also the Manaus Carnival mixing the carnival rhythms with the ox-bumbá, Parintins. One of the great natural attractions of Manaus is the meeting of the waters that occurs when the waters of the muddy Solimões River meet the dark Rio Negro. Tourists can also enjoy the beaches of the region, such as Ponta Negra Beach, Moon Beach, Tupe Beach and Golden Beach. Besides them the Paricatuba waterfall that sits on the bank of the Rio Negro. The typical cuisine of Manaus is mouthwatering especially of those who enjoy the fish dishes. Some of the state's specials are the Arapaima fish made grilled, cooked with coconut milk and more. Also dishes with fish Tambaqui, Peacock Bass, Matrinxã and Jaraqui. Enjoy also the ballad of two, the tacacá, the duck in tucupi and tapioca tucumã. To stay, the city has plenty of hotels in the neighborhoods, in the center and also through woods, for those who like to have more contact with nature.

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