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Discover the natural charms of Macaé, RJ. On the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Macaé stands out for its oil production, but has sick range of attractions.

Although Macae, 180 km from the capital, is known nationally for its oil market, the city, northeast of the State, is the corner of many natural tourist attractions. So even those who visit the coast and its mountainous region can still find rest and lots of fun. You can reach the Macaé by BR-101 or by RJ-168.

As the coastline, all months of the year have climate conducive for a trip to Macaé, and temperatures vary, on average, between 23 and 38 degrees. The summer months are the most conducive to tourists who seek greater movement. If the idea is to enjoy a lot of quiet, low season is ideal. For being a municipality well urbanized, comfortable lodgings are available throughout the year.

The screenplay by the coast of Macae account with different tour options, which can start at the Archipelago de Sant'Ana, 8 km from the coast. Among its attractions is the observation of the colonies of seagulls who live in the place and practice of fishing. To visit the islands you can take a boat or ship, generally, rented, next to the municipal Quay Market.

Already those who prefer the sea can choose between different beaches. The preferred by athletes is the beach of sin, perfect for surfing and bodyboarding, in addition to diving and line fishing or underwater. Meanwhile, fans of long walks in the sand can follow up the Cavaleiros Beach, where you will find the lagoon of Imboassica, here, the fun is the restaurants with their delicious typical cuisine.

But if the idea is to get to know the mountain region of Macaé, the script must follow to the districts of Large and Pointy Glycerius, who offer the freshness and beauty of the rivers with its waterfalls and trails through the Woods. Who likes extreme sports has a lot to do, like climbing and rafting, among other options. The right place for canoeing the rapids of Glycerius. Who already want to climb, the ideal place is the Friar's peak, the highest point in the city.

Elevated to the category of municipality in 1813, Macaé has many stories to tell, like the visit of the famous naturalist Charles Darwin, in 1832. On occasion, he collected species of reptiles and insects that entered its collection, used as the basis for his work on the origin of species.

For a full ride to Macaé is required to enjoy the typical dishes of local cuisine that stands out for its fresh seafood, which are culinary presence of Rio De Janeiro. Other delicious options are the pizzerias and restaurants of Bahian cuisine. As the city is traditionally sought by tourism of business, luxury hotels are easy to find. However, there are also cheaper options, such as hostels, including, next to the beaches.

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