About Macacos

B & Bs Monkeys - Nova Lima district of Minas Gerais - are much sought after by people in search of ecotourism, adventure tourism and gastronomic tourism. There are 20 km from Belo Horizonte the camp is very close to the state capital as a refuge for those seeking rest in a place blessed by nature and with several inns, leisure activities and varied restaurants. Monkeys also stands out for its famous waterfalls. There are many options. Some more easily by car or on foot to reach from the center of the camp and other more remote access that require more physical preparation and planning. Before your ride look for information and tips on hotels or local residents. The nightlife in the city is also quite agitated and sought offering many choices of bars, restaurants and lots of fun. B & Bs Monkeys serve as a refuge and rest for who likes a day of eco-tourism or for those who intensely enjoyed the ballads of the region. See our complete list of hotels in Monkeys and make your reservation online!

Nova Lima, MG
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Jan 17, 2019