Lavras Novas

About Lavras Novas

Lavras Novas is a typical town of the Minas Gerais with villages, stone streets and waterfalls inviting to a closer contact with nature.

Located at only 117 km from Belo Horizonte and 17 km from Ouro Preto, a municipality to which it belongs, the small city offers ideal conditions for those who want to rest, walk and also practicing extreme sports.

With little more than 1,500 inhabitants, the beauty and tranquility of the district attract tourists from all over the world.

The feeling of those who visit Lavras Novas is to travel back in time and find a place where many houses still preserve details of the 17th century, a very different scenario of big cities.

Lavras Novas became known through the mountains that preserve beautiful waterfalls and natural alleys, place conducive for practicing sports like rappelling and trekking.

The rich gastronomy of Minas Gerais is very well represented in its numerous restaurants.

Who goes to the city, has complete infrastructure to receive with several options of eco-tours, extreme sports, hostels, bars and restaurants.

Ouro Preto, MG
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Dec 10, 2018