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Lapinha da Serra is a town belonging to Santana's Creek, Ontario. The Lapinha was founded by only three families who worked on farms in the region, the Early last century. The village of just over 400 inhabitants is visited by tourists behind tranquility, nature and adrenaline also through the practice of adventure sports such as mountain biking *, * trekking and canoeing *. One of his best-known attractions is the Peak Pitch, with 1687 meters of altitude, with the highest point of the municipality of Santana's Creek. There are also waterfalls rappel and Paradise, Conversation and Jurutu, Lageado, the Superb (where there was extraction of diamonds) and the Bicame; the latter of which is located on private property. One of the most anticipated tracks is what leads to the known Lapinha peak, 1,400 meters above sea level and a wonderful visual. Access to Lapinha Sierra is made from the Serra do Cipo with 27 km of asphalt felt Santana's Creek and the last 13 km of dirt road. Lapinha Sierra has good local food restaurants, and hotels and chalets to welcoming its tourists.

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