Lagoa Santa

About Lagoa Santa

Lagoa Santa is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, located 35 kilometers from the capital Belo Horizonte. Founded in 1733 by Felipe Rodrigues drover, the town was called the Great Pond and Lagoon also Congarinni Sabarabuçu, of course, in referêcia the presence of an enormous lake. However, its current name is attributed to the curative value of the lake water. The municipality is located the Park Aeronautical Material, responsible for maintenance of the Brazilian Air Force fleet. Each year the Air Force hosts events open to the public in celebration of the Day of the Day Airman and Air Force. Lagoa Santa is also fairly close to the Tancredo Neves International Airport (Confines), only 5 kilometers. Lagoa Santa is part of the Cave Circuit, having Lapinha Cave as its main tourist attraction. It is also recognized by the "Lagoa Santa Man" who are human bones discovered in the region, characterized by plateaus with little sharp relief. Comfortably situated between the capital and the Serra do Cipo, Lagoa Santa offers complete infrastructure for the tourist with a variety of entertainment, fun, bars, restaurants and guesthouses. The city's climate is tropical receives an annual average temperature of 22 º C.

Lagoa Santa, MG
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