Lagoa da Conceição

About Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceição is one of the traditional points of Florianopolis and has beaches, dunes, mountains and also the largest city pond. It is now the best known tourist spot of Florianópolis. Many sports are practiced in the lagoon, among these are the kayak, schooners, paddleboat ride and pequiniques. Lagoa da Conceição is formed by Canto da Lagoa which is the strong local cuisine, the Corner Araçás, Retiro da Lagoa and Hinterland Great. Its total length 15km squares surrounded by mountains and on the sea by a channel. To get to some places in Lagoa is only possible going boat, also having untouched parts on its banks. Its waters have a temperature of 27 on average and for not having waves and be shallow by silting account, the lagoon is ideal for those seeking more tranquility and family outings, especially with children. To enjoy the nights in Lagoa da Conceição is a hotspot for the Centrinho Lagoon, which has a structure of varied bars, restaurants and clubs. For more sophisticated foods the Centrinho and the Avenue of Tenants are ideal. Other places where tourists can find sea food restaurants, pizzerias, more natural foods among others, are the Costa da Lagoa, Joaquina, Barra da Lagoa and the Fortress offering several options to suit every budget. In Lagoa are found accommodation in hostels, hotels ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

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