About Jurerê

Jurerê Beach is north of the island of Santa Catarina, next to the beaches of Canasvieiras and Praia do Forte. The hamlet of Jurerê has undergone major changes since its inception, no longer a small community dedicated to fishing jobs to become today, Jurere call. After great urban and environmental investments, the simple village before won world visibility to the outside and today is considered the most valued destination off the coast of Brazil. Jurere is a place where young people go to enjoy the ballads. Are well structured beach clubs offering sunbeds on the beach sand and in front of the pools. Tourists also find the best of international food and a selection of drinks. The vendors sell the sparkling beach and beats. Overnight electronic songs are played by the best DJ's in the world that pack the holidays. To get the natural, historical and cultural beauties of Jurerê access is easy. The beach Jurerê extends to the Fort of São José da Ponta Grossa and has long, soft waves throughout its length. Its waters are clear and calm typically. The beach offers a high quality infrastructure in sports, shows, bars and restaurants by the sea. Hosts on the beach are luxurious and can be rented mansions that have 24-hour security. Also apartment options in a stunning complex, which is the largest enterprise of Jurerê hotels. The inns are found on the beach of Jurerê Traditional which is less than 10 minutes away from International Jurerê.

Florianópolis, SC
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Jan 18, 2019