About Japaratinga

Located in the State of Alagoas, Japaratinga had its beginnings as a small fishing village, but began to develop from 1800, when its growth was consolidated through the export of coconuts.

The small and quiet town has great tourist potential thanks to its beautiful beaches. In addition to leisure, Japaratinga presents interesting projects, such as the reintroduction of marine animals through the Manatee Project.

Located on the northern coast of Alagoas, Japaratinga presents the type of climate of Tropical Forest, showing high temperatures and large amounts of rain well distributed throughout the year.

Its location is strategic for tourism that is breaking the Alagoas. It is 110 km from Maceió and only 8 km from the busy Maragogi. So many people staying in Japaratinga when they meet Maragogi.

With the strong growth in tourism, the city has consistently a significant increase in the number of hostels, bars, and restaurants.

Japaratinga, AL
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Jan 18, 2019