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Access to Itaúnas is by dirt road. It is 23 km from Conceicao da Barra and 260 km from Vitória. The tropical climate makes the always ideal temperatures to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Itaúnas is very famous for the unforgettable view of the dunes and the forró shaking village. Tourists are there year-round, but the summer months and July are the busiest. From December to March the turtle nesting divided attention with the hectic high season. The unspoilt beaches are one of the attractions. The Itaúnas is just over 1 km on foot, but to take a swim and enjoy the kiosks you need to climb the sand hills that reach 30 meters high. The almost deserted Riacho Doce has difficult access is considered the most beautiful in the region, home to a stream, coral formations and a bar. More distant are the Gold Coast beaches that is enclosed by cliffs, mangrove vegetation and streams and the Coconut combining mangroves and reefs to form an admirable landscape. The buggy rides, jeep, canoe and horse vary the ways to meet the dunes, beaches and mangroves. Some of these are performed at night when the brightness of the moon is full is present. Intact landscapes are preserved by the state park that covers the territory. The forró is another major attraction of Itaúnas. The pace is so present that it is there that happens the National Forró Festival in July. The bars and houses of forró, which usually open from midnight, are dominated by tourists and locals dancing until dawn. The beach huts also promote walking trails during the day. The local cuisine is homemade, with well served dishes. The kiosks and bars snacks are mostly fish and seafood. To accompany the nightlife the preferred drink is xiboquinha, brandy made from honey, ginger and cinnamon. The Itaúnas village is rustic but rich in hotels and offers all the necessary infraestutura and hospitable people that makes the destination is every day more sought after by tourists from every corner.

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Jan 18, 2019