About Itaguaí

Itaguaí is a municipality in the State of Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region. Itaguaí is only 69km. Itaguái features beautiful tourist potential with beautiful beaches and beautiful and cozy inns for your visitors.

Itaguaí has climate with dry winter and rainy summer. Between the months of December and January there is a higher incidence of rainfall. The dry period is between May and September. The average temperature in the warmer months is around 31 degrees while in the cooler months at 27 degrees.

As main attractions and points of interest include the beaches of Costa Verde, Madeira Island, Coroa Grande and Ilha do Martins.

Itaguaí also offers several leisure options and is consolidating in ecotourism. There are many options of hiking on trails that reach the famous and beautiful waterfalls. The historical tourism also deserves mention with historical buildings dating from the eighteenth century.

The Expo Itaguaí also attracts tourists from all corners of Brazil in search of shows, fun, recreation and typical foods.

The municipality of Itaguaí was founded in July 5, 1818. An important historical fact and not known by everyone is that Itaguaí was one of the points to stop and rest of the Entourage of Dom Pedro I in the famous journey towards the independence of Brazil.

The city of Itaguaí is prepared for tourism with delicious gastronomic options varied, beautiful beach, beautiful trails and waterfalls and a flawless collection of hostels for your rest.

Itaguaí, RJ
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