About Itacaré

Itacaré (or Alligator, stone in tupi) is an old fishing village on the coast of Bahia, which has become a popular tourist destination, famous especially with surfers!

The hostels in Itacaré are a charm part that make the trip even more special.

The city has a unique coastline in the region and that is not typical of northeastern Brazil: long beaches have coastal forest. This characteristic shape the visual and perfect weather for hiking in beautiful trails that paving the forests and end at sea.

Tourist options in Itacaré abound! Long walks on the beaches of golden sand, surf and canoeing for the more adventurous. Ecotourism is not behind, with its nature reserves, adventure trails and waterfalls. The variety of beaches with large waves attract surfers and make Itacar as the main surf spot in the State of Bahia.

Itacaré was transformed into a tourist Mecca in respect of Bahian traditions and its preservation. Despite the intense development and urbanization of Itacaré over the years, the area is great to enjoy a good game of capoeira, the rich local cuisine, and of course, Carnival that is more relaxed than in Salvador, but still provides excitement and fun in the right measure.

The tropical climate, the temperature in most parts of the year varies from 20 to 30° C, showing a great moisture in the air during the high season (December to February) temperatures can rise up to 40° c. The rainy season is in March.

Itacaré is very famous and known also by the warmth and variety of guesthouses and hotels for all profiles of visitors.

Itacaré, BA
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Jan 18, 2019