R. Pau Brasil 6, Lotm. Conchas do Mar, Itacaré BA 45530-000BR

Barcaça Pousada


About Barcaça Pousada

The Barge Inn is located in Itacaré-Bahia-500 m from the beach of Resende, a 3-minute walk from the city centre. The hotel offers parking, TV room, 24-hour front desk, swimming pool, wireless Internet and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Sport and Leisure Technology
Breakfast Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
    Reception Cellular
Treatment Payment (Claro)
24 Hour Reception Cash Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
    Reception Mobile (TIM)
Comfort and Convenience Policies Cell Phone Reception
Parking Pets (Live)
  Smoking Allowed Voltage 110V
TV Room    
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User of theKekanto
April 24, 2016
The barge Inn was one of the best I've ever stayed in Itacaré accommodations. Very cozy, breakfast very good, rooms clean and comfortable and the service is superb. Looks good next to Pituba has a swimming pool and very nice to relax in the late afternoon. Is a relatively new and everything is very conserved. I loved. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
January 23, 2016
January 20, 2016
User of theKekanto
March 31, 2014
My name is Maria, I've been staying for 4 days with my family and we've been in nine in total.
It was the first time I managed to get my parents to a town called the Foundation for a trip and were delighted with everything. cleaning, education, respect and cordiality of the staff and owners. Thanks Fabio and Manoel! I don't die in Brazil for some time and when I'm looking for with my husband meet somewhere new and Itacare was wonderful! Thank you very much and heart! God bless you! [Courtesy ofKekanto]