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Itabirite is located in Royal Road, a strategic location in the path between Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto, only 55 km from the state capital. The city lies between the mountains and has the simplicity of the interior cities, and thus a very nice place for those seeking tranquility. The city also offers adventure options for its visitors, such as walks in the beautiful waterfalls, and much rich history just like the railroad and, of course, its beautiful churches! Itabirite has the gastronomic heritage pastel mush, which is considered a precious commodity in the city. The pastel Angu of Itabirito was first made at the Farm Gates, in the nineteenth century, when the city was called Itabira do Campo. Today the mush of pastel is a passion among the city's residents as well as with visitors. Many visit the city just to try this delicacy, which is served with various toppings such as beef jerky, cheese, cod and many others. In Itabirite visitors will find many attractions. Some of them are: 1 Blast Furnace in Latin American steel housing, High of Christ, High Sierra of Santa, Maestro Culture House Dungas, Place Station Complex, Museum of Art and Craft, Municipal Ecological Park, Itabirito Peak, Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage, among other places you can not miss.

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