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R. Ana Maria Teixeira 363, Santa Efigênia, Itabirito MG 35450-000BR

Pousada Cata Branca


About Pousada Cata Branca

Pousada Cata White Green Village is located in Itabirito - MG - and is surrounded by a green area of ​​12,000 m², with a source of pure water and numerous trees. Its headquarters was built in the classic German style, having seventeen rooms, fireplace, large balcony, an outdoor kitchen with 300 m² and balcony, wood stove, bathrooms and pool.
Feed Sport and Leisure Policies
Breakfast Ecological walks Pets
Restaurant Pool Smoking Allowed
  Indoor Pool  
Treatment Playground / Playground Technology
24 Hour Reception   Wireless Internet (WiFi)
  Payment Reception Cellular
Comfort and Convenience Diners (Credit) (Claro)
Chapel Cash Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
Parking Mastercard (Credit) Cell Phone Reception
Parking Uncovered Mastercard Maestro (Debit (Live)
Garden Card) Voltage 110V
Assembly room Visa (Credit)  
  Visa Electron (Debit)  
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August 17, 2015
Chalet / Bungalow

Chalet for up to 6 people with a bed of reversible double to two beds, a single bed and three bunk beds. Cable TV, minibar, Wi-fi, gas shower, balcony, bathroom, fan and telephone.

Comfort and Convenience Electric Shower Entertainment
1 Double Bed Showers Heated Gas Programming Cable TV /
1 Single Bed Mini-bar Satellite
Air conditioning Balcony / Terrace  
Bathroom Phone Policies
Bathroom with Plexiglass TV Smoking Allowed
Box Fan  
Reversible Bed to 2   Technology
Single   Wireless Internet (WiFi)

Suite for couples equipped with cable TV, minibar, Wi-fi, gas shower, balcony, bathroom, fan and telephone.

Comfort and Convenience Balcony / Terrace Policies
1 Double Bed Phone Smoking Allowed
Air conditioning TV  
Bathroom Full HD TV Technology
Bathroom with Plexiglass Fan Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Electric Shower Entertainment  
Showers Heated Gas Programming Cable TV /  
Mini-bar Satellite