About Iriri

The beauties and attractions and hostels of the Iriri are on the south coast of the Holy Spirit approximately 86 km away from Victory.

The resort that lies between the atlantic forest and the rocky coast has hot and humid climate with annual average temperature of 25°C. But in the summer temperatures easily exceed 30°C.

In the high season, the period between christmas and the bohemian carnival, the city holds festivals that attract thousands of tourists, mostly young people, who are already accustomed to attending the bustling nightlife of the region.

The beaches of clear waters and transparent, and always pleases the visitors. The Black Sand has options for kiosks and is quite sought after by the young public.

Already the beach the Costa Azul is the more tourist by having tours, such as boat, banana boat, diving and fishing, and it is the options for nightlife.

As options you greater peace of mind the suggestions are the beaches of the boyfriends, and the Inhaúma; a fishing village where you can see some turtles in their natural habitat.

The tip gastronomic experience is the typical Pero fried and the moqueca capixaba, dishes easily found in the local restaurants.

Initially Iriri was a farm, that only after being sold, passed by a real estate expansion becoming the current municipality.

Your tourism began in the 60's, however, was the inauguration of the Iriri beach Club that brought the tradition of carnival to the Iriri.

Whether in season or out of it Iriri always gives good moments to be with the guys, or a family.

Iriri offers fun, beach, hype, ballads, quiet and rest in its numerous and beautiful inns.

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