About Ipojuca

Located in the metropolitan region, Ipojuca is 49 km away from the capital of Pernambuco, doing limits with the cities of ladder and Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

Like all the Brazilian Northeast, summers are very hot, with temperatures of 35° C pass, however, winter is a time of rainfall and mild temperatures, with a minimum of 16° C on average.

In addition to the famous beach of Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca who needs no introduction with its coconut trees has other options for beaches that impress by its beauties.

Praia de Muro Alto has clear water, without waves and reef formations that make up a beautiful natural swimming pool. As an option for surfers to the beach of Maracaípe is sure to waves; the waters are clear and strong, being dangerous for swimmers, those who do not practice the sport can take the opportunity to admire the sunset and enjoy the options of bars and restaurants.

For those who prefer to rest and enjoy the nature the tip end and Praia de Serrambi, ideal for swimming and hiking, when the tide is low you can cross on foot to the beach of Enseadinha, with weak waves and desert environment. As possibility to ride tour of raft by natural pools with a diving stop and interact with fish.

The local cuisine is specializes in seafood, ranging from soups like sururu, for example, to more refined dishes as fish on the tile to the cherry sauce.

As historical tourism is worth a visit to the Convent of St. Anthony that was declared by the national historical patrimony.

Throughout the year there are schedules of fairs and cultural activities in the city that is always ready to receive tourists with a wide selection of hostels to suit all tastes.

Ipojuca, PE
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