About Ingleses

Being one of the destinations that have more movement on the island of Santa Catarina, the beach of the English has a great infrastructure both on the beach and in its shopping center. The tourist will find bars, restaurants, nightclubs, concerts, among many others. The beach during the day is the main destination for visitors. The sea beach of the British is typically calm and suitable for children and seniors. Also in another part of its length, is strong waves that are ideal for surfing. There there are also lots of activities with bars on the sand and music. The beach of English is called by the locals and natives of Zinga and its characteristic is a great extent with stronger waves in the northern part. Its sand is fine and white and the water is hot temperature in the summer, which provides a nice swim. Strong Beach cuisine are the seafood, but the tourist will also find options for Italian food, food by the pound and steakhouses. The night attractions are also the various options for bars offering sandwiches and portions. Staying on the beach of the British is having luxury hotel options and several B & Bs, the greater the smaller and more familiar.

Florianópolis, SC
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Feb 14, 2019